One Year Later: The Story of Our Women's Boutique

One Year Later: The Story of Our Women's Boutique

Happy anniversary to Wasabi Hijabi, an online women's boutique that focuses on unapologetic faith, modest fashion, and simple self-care! It’s been one year since the launch of this amazing business, and we’d like to take a look back at our timeline of accomplishments and spill the behind-the-scenes tea of our story.

2020: Like many, when the pandemic hit, we were in a place of YOLO! Let these dreams live in reality because ya just never know when the world can come crashing down around you. As my hubby and I sat on the couch one night, we came up with the idea of opening a boutique. We knew we wanted to sell something that felt genuine so hijabs came to mind first. The incredible quirky genius my hubby is, he came up with the name after we played around with a few others. At first, I hated the name lol But almost a year later (2021), it grew on me and now I am obsessed!

December 2021: Can you say "supply chain"? Ugh! Finding a vendor, getting custom tags, and waiting for the arrival of an overseas shipment was a trying time. That is when we knew we wanted to work with vendors based out of the USA. And we also wanted to support other women and POC-owned small businesses as best as we could.

January 2022: While waiting on the items from our overseas vendor to arrive, we knew we wanted to open the boutique on 2/22. Not only was the date special because of the number 2 but also because it was our son's 1st birthday! It was our goal to make sure we had SOMETHING to sell on the launch, so we shifted focus to something else that was true to us, self-care. We joined a US-based vendor site and it was like a whole new world of opportunities.

February 2022:

We built out our Shopify site, started posting on social media, and braced for impact. When we launched on the 22nd, we did not anticipate a viral sensation. Not to be Negative Nancies but Realistic Renees (we just made that up lol). And just like that 0 sales rolled in... That is when I knew that this first year was going to be about learning, trial, and error. I wanted a business that would stand the test of time and I didn't just want to be a trend for the moment.

March 2022:

Finally an order! Two of our loved ones purchased from us and that meant the world to us! In this recent economy, everyone is working really hard for the coins they have so we appreciated them purchasing from us and providing positive feedback.

April-July 2022: Did I mention we were purchasing a home during all of this? Yup! We built our current dream home from the ground up. The process started in November 2021 and the home was completed in June 2022. We moved from the Bay Area to Southern California with our 1 year old, mom, and two fur babies. It was ALOT! So, I legit did not have any time to focus on the business. It went on the back burner. No sales, no promotions, nothing. I felt horrible but mental health is wealth so we still won in my book!

August 2022:

Once we settled into our home, a month later my dear friend asked, "how's your business?" I thought to myself, crap! I do have a business, let me get back to posting. So, I posted on social media, and just like that the kindest soul reached out and asked us to be in a vendor event. We of course said yes! But little did I know it was going to be super hot, I would have a fussy baby to entertain, and the imposter syndrome would hit heavy. We mustard through the event and honestly, it was the best learning experience. We knew that we wanted to connect more with the local community and have in-person connections vs. just an online presence. That is when I set a goal to attend at least one event per month for the rest of the year.

September 2022:

Hello LaLa Land! In February I came across a dope event, Sip Shop Eat. I applied to be a vendor for their September two-day event in L.A. and we were accepted. Thankfully, I booked an indoor booth so I did not have the heat to worry about. We purchased a 5x5 booth and let me tell you it was NOT enough space lol But we showed up anyway and trusted the process. As Allah swt (the Universe) would have it, the vendors behind us did not show up, and wa-la, our space expanded! We had the best weekend ever and made back the money we paid for the vendor fee. "A win is a win!"

October 2022:

"So much drama in the LBC!" Next, we headed to the LBC and there was legit no drama lol We joined the Pike Market at the Pike Outlets. This event was a learning experience as well because we experienced rain and nightfall. With the help of a lovely vendor next to us, we survived the tests thrown at us and looked at the positives of the evening. We had so many psychiatric nurses visit our booth and purchase affirmation cards to use for their clients. That truly made my heart smile!

November 2022:

After two back-to-back L.A. markets, we knew we wanted to stay closer to "home base". Going back to our goal from August, we wanted to zero in even more on what it means to be present with our local community. And it truly paid off! We hit a new sales goal and connected with so many lovely people at the Girl's Day Out Market at the CRC Ranch in Temecula.

December 2022:

#TeamGirlBoss or #TeamCreativeBabe? This day we were both lol We joined the Creative Babe Market at the Peltzer Winery in Temecula for their Holiday Market. Spoiler alert: a vendor stopped by our booth and told us about the success they had with this team at another location. Guess what? We ended up booking not one but THREE events in 2023 at this location in hopes of things working out for us (Inshallah).

January 2023: New year, new goals, right? My main goal this year, personally and professionally, is to follow my intuition more. I am not pressuring myself to keep up with the Joneses. I am trusting the process and seeing where the journey takes us. "It is already written."

February 22, 2023:

Wasabi Hijabi celebrates its one-year anniversary and we anticipate things getting waaaaay better! We just signed a 6-month lease this month to consign our stuff to a local boutique collective at our local mall. How did we get here? Ugh! Alhamdulillah - once again, trusting the Most High and His plan.

Throughout the past year, Wasabi Hijabi has truly blossomed. We are here to support your fashion needs for the upcoming year and beyond. For the best deals, updates, and promotions, make sure to sign up for our text/email list. You'll get exclusive access to discounts and special offers, so don't miss out!

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